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Ofgem takes over Confidence Code for household price comparison websites

Today (27 March 2013) Ofgem has taken over management of the Confidence Code – a code of practice for household energy price comparison websites. Until now the code has been managed by Consumer Focus.

Price comparison websites are one of the ways customers can find cheaper energy deals. Websites accredited through the code have to make sure that the prices they quote for energy deals, and the information given about these offers are shown in a fair and unbiased way.

Using an accredited website should mean the process of comparing energy tariffs and switching is simple and reliable. The sites covered by the code act independently of the energy suppliers. All this ensures customers can be confident about using the services of an accredited comparison site. Ofgem will be reviewing the code this year to ensure that it supports our objectives for simpler, clearer, fairer and smarter energy markets.

See the Ofgem site for more information.