What’s in it for me? – Using the benefits of energy efficiency to overcome the barriers

Published: 15 June 2012

Today (15 June) Consumer Focus has published research into innovative ways to engage people in energy efficiency.

The research stemmed from feedback from a range of practitioners that interest in ‘free’ insulation was drying up.  We set out to identify projects that used comfort messages to market energy efficiency, but the answer is more complex than that.  Working with CauseAction, we found a range of projects that use a variety of techniques to demonstrate the benefits of energy efficiency outweigh the barriers.  Alternative approaches among our 15 case studies include messaging around comfort and health, tailoring messages to key consumer segments, and the use of exemplar homes to allow people to feel the difference.

There is, of course, no easy answer but we want the shared lessons to help practitioners make the case to try new approaches, using our new Delivery Checklist (PDF 132KB) to shape the project for their target audience.

In September 2012 we held a series of workshops to help put these lessons into practice with practitioners implementing energy efficiency projects. The additional learning from these workshops has been published as a summary report: What’s in it for us?

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What's in it for me - cover