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Have you or your child been injured by your pushchair?

Published: 19 February 2010

Investigators looking into injuries resulting from accidents involving stroller-style pushchairs, are issuing a call for evidence from anyone who has been affected.

Consumer Focus’ Complaints of General Interest group is investigating the safety of side hinge mechanisms, as found on a wide range of lightweight stroller pushchairs. Their interest in this area was first raised by the voluntary recall of Maclaren pushchairs in the US, before Christmas.  As many manufacturers use similar hinges the consumer champion is concerned that this may prove to be a  safety issue. 1

Gemma Bowen, Head of Complaints of General Interest, is leading the investigation. She said: “Our initial investigations have made it clear that the safety of the side hinge mechanism is an issue that is wider than just one make of pushchair. We want to hear from anyone who has got a finger caught in one of these hinges, or worse. Many umbrella-style and stroller-style pushchairs use a similar mechanism, and we want to hear evidence from consumers of their experience.

“The Complaints of General Interest team are investigating what can be done to make consumers safer, and how best manufacturers and retailers can work to ensure that pushchairs are as safe as they can be.”

If you, or a member of your family has suffered injury as a result of a side hinge mechanism, please e-mail or write to Complaints of General Interest, Consumer Focus, 3rd Floor, Capital Tower, Cardiff, CF10 3AG.

The Complaints of General Interest team are also calling on members of the public to complete a short survey on the wider issue of the safety of side hinge mechanism on stroller style pushchairs. 

This survey can be accessed at:


  1. Consumer Focus’ Complaints of General Interest team has established that similar hinges are used in a wide range of pushchair makes and models through mystery shopper research and discussions with industry experts.

Consumer Focus’ Complaints of General Interest (CoGI) unit started work in January. The three person team bring together experiences from the legal profession, trading standards and police. This is their first major investigation. CoGI is working with Trading Standards officers, retailers and manufacturers to find out the scale of the injuries involving side hinge mechanisms, and what can be done to ensure consumers use them safely. They will produce a report of their investigations later this year.

CoGI as part of Consumer Focus, has broad statutory powers to investigate consumer complaints and issues using the powers set out in the Consumer Estate Agents and Redress Act 2007 (CEAR)

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