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EDF Energy remain at bottom of energy complaints league table

Published: 8 March 2012

The most recent quarterly energy complaints data compiled by Consumer Focus, shows a small overall decrease in complaints levels across the industry. Complaints fell overall by an average of 4% in October – December 2011.

Complaints about four of the Big Six suppliers fell during this quarter. The exceptions were E.ON who had a 7% increase in complaints and Scottish Power which remained constant. Despite these falls most suppliers retained the same star rating as the previous quarter. Only npower moved up the chart, regaining its three-star status after falling to two stars in the previous quarter.

EDF Energy remains the worst performing supplier, retaining its zero-star rating. There are some signs that the company’s call centre issues are being resolved with complaints falling by 14%. However, although it is making progress the company still has a long way to go to fully resolve the customer service issues associated with its change in billing systems. 

Audrey Gallacher, Director of Energy at Consumer Focus, said: 

‘Any fall in complaints is clearly welcome but there are still many problems energy customers are experiencing which need to be resolved. Giving consistently good customer service and tackling any problems which do arise effectively is key to rebuilding faith in the distrusted energy market.

 ‘EDF Energy has made some headway on addressing its problems but it is disappointing that the company remains firmly on the bottom of the league table again. Customers will rightly expect EDF Energy to take this further in hand, so it is welcome they have assured us that further progress has been made since December. The company has had ongoing problems for over half a year. A line needs to be drawn under these issues so the company’s customers know they have a service they can rely on.’

Star ratings

Supplier Rating Rating  Rating  Rating Rating Rating 
Oct-Dec 11 Jul-Sep 11  Apr-Jun 11  Jan-Mar 11 Oct-Dec 10  Jul-Sep 10
SSE 5***** 5***** 5***** 4**** 4**** 4****
British Gas 4**** 4**** 4**** 4**** 3*** 3***
ScottishPower 3*** 3*** 3*** 2** 2** 2**
E.ON 3*** 3*** 4**** 3*** 2** 3***
npower 3*** 2** 3*** 2** 1* 2**
EDF 0 0 1* 2** 2** 2**

Weighted number of complaints per 100,000 customers

Quarter Oct-Dec 11 Jul-Sep 11 Apr-Jun 11 Jan-Mar 11 Oct-Dec 10 Jul-Sep 10
British Gas 60.8 64.5 55.2 74.4 83.8 89.2
E.ON 92.4 86.1 71 99.1 103.3 93.5
EDF 188.5 219.4 126.4 106.2 106.7 117.7
npower 97.8 102.2 82.4 111.5 133.5 121.4
SSE 40.6 41.1 36.3 58 72.4 53.4
ScottishPower 81.2 81.4 89.2 103.5 103.4 116.8
Average 83.0 86.4 68.8 86.3 95.2 93


Notes to editors:

  • These complaints figures are regularly updated by Consumer Focus, based on the most comprehensive energy complaints data available, and are published quarterly. The firms have been ranked on the number of complaints to Consumer Direct, Consumer Focus and the Energy Ombudsman in relation to their market share during the last quarter. The different types of complaint have been weighted to reflect their seriousness.

We give the weighted score as a proxy for national complaints. This gives a reliable estimate of the total number of complaints coming to all three groups plus direct to suppliers. We do not currently publish direct supplier complaints information as there have been historical issues with consistency in recording complaints. Consumer Focus are working with suppliers to enable the information to be incorporated into the model.

  • See Consumer Focus’s website for more information or for further details on the complaint data, please contact the Consumer Focus press office on 020 7799 8004 or 8006.

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